“I visited Ann Hazen for more than three years. I was looking for health and healing. I was also looking for a unique therapeutic practice outside of the mainstream of practicing talk therapists. For me, a blend of therapy took the Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotions-Patterns, and much else, into the framework of Ann’s practice. Wonderful that Ann has brought Jonathan into the practice!”

“I started working with Ann about 15 years ago, and Jonathan for the last year and a half. I have sought their care during my most formative life events: the death of loved ones, defining my career path, navigating nursing school, family upheavals, chronic health concerns, and the pandemic. I trust them both to hold my healing process with equanimity, compassion, and honesty every time. I have been to countless practitioners in my life – acupuncturists, therapists, bodyworkers, dieticians, intuitives, etc. – and I trust their work most. After a session, I feel more attuned to myself and my wisdom. Even when living far away, I have been able to work with them remotely. I can’t speak highly enough of these two, and I cannot imagine navigating the trauma and challenges of my last several years without their attuned presence. It has made all the difference in the world.”

“Ann is an incredibly gifted healer. I went to her for stomach troubles and ended up on a holistic health journey that has improved my life in ways I never imagined! As a woman, I am unfortunately accustomed to being talked over and misbelieved when seeking healthcare. Ann has such a gentle, generous spirit – I really feel heard and seen by her. If you’re willing to do the homework and make the necessary changes, I’m convinced she can work miracles.”

“Working with Ann for over 15 years has literally saved my life. When I went to her initially I was in a downward health spiral. She has treated me with respect, kindness and deep compassion. She has helped me navigate acute and chronic illnesses and to achieve a better overall health than I would have thought possible.

“The addition of Jonathan to the work has brought new perspectives and depth to their work together. Jonathan brings the understanding of the interactiveness of how things work in the body from his many years of work in construction. His contributions to the work has deepened their partnership and brought together their unique gifts and perspectives to make them a dynamic healing team.”

“When I recently took a fall on a running trail in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, I ended up with acure/severe pain and thought I’d fractured a rib. A session with Ann and a few follow-up visits resulted in my surprisingly quick recovery, without the expenses of the ER and whatever subsequent procedures / tests / etc. they might have prescribed. I never even took pain meds or anything – just simple muscle balancing and release of tension in my back, which was forcing my breathing to press painfully against the injury site on my front side, was all I needed. Her work is gentle, and really profound.”

“I have been working with Ann for 25 years and I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much she has helped me throughout the years! When I was first referred to her, I was 23 years old and suffering from severe back pain and numbness in my leg. I had been told that I would need surgery, but I was willing to try anything first. A few practitioners (massage, acupuncture, PT) were able to help me find relief, but it wasn’t until I started seeing Ann that things started to shift and the pain went away permanently. Throughout the years, I have continued to see Ann for various other reasons, and am so grateful for her wealth of experience and unique process of finding the answers in my body!”