Once you are balanced—what’s next? The next frontier is to transfer the ability to hold the balanced state to YOU so you can make it a station—the place you live from!

As you may guess a body that has become unbalanced for a period of time starts to take on that shape, and thinks that its unbalanced state is balanced, something we call a “balanced state of imbalance.” So we need to follow up your new state of true balance by rechecking to see what is “holding,” and whether there are parts that are not. Then to find out why the weaknesses resurfaced. Almost invariably, it is because there is some kind of stress in your system which we haven’t looked at yet. It could be as simple as needing another balancing session and more time in this new balanced state for your body to realize that this “new” balance is truly more efficient than the old unbalanced way. 

Another possibility is that currently you do not have enough support internalized in your system for your new balance to hold in those particular areas. So we go on a mission to pin down exactly what is lacking or overwhelming for you, which generally falls into two categories: one being lifestyle—the way you are currently living, and the other involves unprocessed emotions and feelings, usually from your past. Often we find that these two are intertwined; for example your emotions are dictating lifestyle choices or vice versa.

Lifestyle: As for lifestyle changes that can give your system more support, needed changes can take almost any form. It can be as simple as discovering that the weak body parts need nutrients not currently provided in enough quantity in your diet; you may need more or less sleep; more quiet time, or less time circulating with friends. Or focusing on making friends; more, less, or different exercise. Perhaps there is a particular project that you’ve put off for years that could free up the needed energy, or something you want to learn or study, such taking singing lessons, learning an instrument, or learning martial arts that will provide a spark and move you energetically in the right direction. The possibilities here are almost endless, and may well be a combination of factors. Working together we can identify them, and make a workable plan that you can carry out. 

Feelings and Emotions: While working with balancing your lifestyle to accommodate your individual needs, we may run head on into the 2nd situation; and that is that there are emotional reasons why your lifestyle is unbalanced. For example perhaps you have difficulty setting boundaries with family, friends or co-workers, firing an employee, or expressing your needs with your partner. 

Which brings us to a very important truth about why the body unbalances and breaks down: unprocessed feelings and emotions have the power to dysregulate or turn off muscles and parts of organ systems. When this occurs whether quite early in life or any time later, other muscles or parts step in to compensate and provide a similar function, as well as continuing to do their own jobs. But these helper parts will tire more quickly, and sooner or later symptoms such as strain, pain or fatigue will appear. 

For this reason we know that working with the body alone cannot always be enough to heal physical symptoms and restore full functionality, as anyone who must weekly visit their chiropractor, acupuncturist, or anyone else working solely with the physical level well knows. Working to balance, and then clear dysfunctional emotional patterns when necessary has a magically stabilizing effect on your physiology.

Jonathan and Ann are both trained in Internal Family Systems therapy, as well as Polarity Life Coaching so that we can help you access these emotional blocks, and kindly and safely move through them.